Buried cable reinforced corrugated pipe production equipment

Product Detail

Product description:
Buried high voltage power cables with enhanced (GFB) corrugated sleeve adopts modified reinforced polypropylene as raw material, the single wall corrugated pipe extrusion molding, which has excellent ring stiffness and heat resistance, the structure design of the special “annular groove” type section form, this kind of pipe design, structure reasonable, break the traditional structure of ordinary plate pipe, the pipe has sufficient compressive strength and impact strength, but also has good flexibility. And the use of new materials, is a kind of green environmental protection tube.


[ application area ]
Suitable for electric power, control cable and communication light, cable buried protection.
[ pipe specifications ]
Main specifications have diameter 100, 150, 175, 200mm four specifications.

Product specification level Supporting pipe pillow Matching pipe plug
Φ100 I Φ123 Φ100 pipe plug
Φ100 Ⅱ Φ123 Φ100 pipe plug
Φ150 I Φ180 Φ150 pipe plug
Φ150 Ⅱ Φ180 Φ150 pipe plug
Φ175 I Φ213 Φ175 pipe plug
Φ175 Ⅱ Φ213 Φ175 pipe plug
Φ200 I Φ243 Φ200 pipe plug
Φ200 Ⅱ Φ243 Φ200 pipe plug

1. Phi 100 Phi 150 Phi 175 main specifications.
2. pipe specifications according to the size of the nominal diameter;
3. the diameter of the diameter ring of the diameter circle of the pipe pillow.


Construction process:
1. check the appearance of the tube and the sealing ring is in good condition, whether the size of the match;
2. put the pipe into the groove with artificial or mechanical;
3. to clean up the pipe connecting parts and the sealing ring;
4. will seal the trap in the tube wave trough;
5. mounting buckle connecting pipe fittings;
6. check the sealing ring in place, the pipe axis is straight, pipe and foundation are connected well;
7. if there is a need for hot melt connection, refer to M–PP solid wall pipe welding method.
Connection mode:
General use snap connection, special circumstances can be used with heat.

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