Double drip hole Drip line(Anti-block)

Product Detail

Product description:
●Double drip hole irrigation pipe is advanced technology product in irrigation field.
●Special cascade teeth design,broad water passage.More reliable and strong anti-blocking ability,can be used long.
●Good evacuating ability,no water remained after irrigation,reduce the risk of blockage by biology.Two drop holes make the irrigation area of subsurface bigger and reduce deep seepage.
●In self-clear and self-wash process,dust and sand can be flushed out to avoid depositing and blocking.
●Three-dimensional filtering inlet,length 30mm,has strong anti-blocking ability,and can work under much blockage condition.
●Two flow passage design:central curving flow and swirling flow.water flow can be controlled accurately and uniform.
●Special design for dripping outlet,avoid invasi on of the root of the plants.

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