Flat drip irrigation pipe Production line

Product Detail

 Technical parameter:

Item Pipe diameter Pipe thickness Production speed Distance of dripper
Flat dripper irrigation pipe machine Φ12-16-20mm 0.15-1.0mm >150m/min 100、150、200、300、400、500-1500mm

Product description:

● Double hole irrigation pipe (National Patent No.: ZL201020227967.0)


● Big dripper feeder
1.Xindacheng special technology, feeding PC dripper
2.Big size dripper speed more than 900pcs/min
3.Small dripper feeding speed more than 1200pcs/min


●The equipment is used for identification and transportation for single-hole dripper, middle hole dripper and double hole dripper.


● Full automatic punching unite
1.Own National invention patent (National Patent No.: ZL200710063376.7)
2.Hole speed: 450-500 times/min
3.Configured with two alarm system for accident skipping and spacing deviation identify.
4.Configured with high-speed camera and PLC interface operating interface for tracking, monitoring and record storage.


●Auto winder + Pipe accumulator unite,Controlled by servo motor, automatically pipe coiling,Operated by PLC system.


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