High speed round dripper irrigation pipe production line

Product Detail


Technical parameter:

 Item  Pipe diameter  Pipe thickness  Production speed  Distance of dripper Number of punched holes
Ordinary speed Φ12-16-20mm 0.5-1.5mm 80m/min 100-1000mm 2 holes
High speed Φ12-16-20mm 0.5-1.5mm 120-150m/min 100-1000mm 2/4 holes

Product description:

 Two layer Co-extrusion Technology & Mark colour line
1.Adopt High-Efficient and Energy-saving extruder, stable plasticization of raw materials and large output;
2.According to the user’s choice, the double-layer co-extrusion extrusion system is used to improve the utilization rate of recycled materials, reduce the cost and ensure the service life of the drip irrigation pipe.


 High-speed dripper screening and insertion system
1.Be used for identification and inserting Φ12-16-20mm round dripper;
2.Inserting speed: 400-500pcs/min;
3.With servo driving very precisely controlled dripper insertion system;
4.Dripper screening, inserting, space are operated by PLC system.


 Be used for identification and inserting round dripper, PC dripper of all length(optional).


 Automatic punching technology
1.Speed:400-500 pcs drilling/min,Used for driling double drip hole,four drip hole;
2.Controlled by serco motor,to achieve precision drilling;
3.Provide customer with remote support service. 


Full automatic winder and strap pack, metering functionality
1.For pipe coiling, cutting, roll change, meter to realize full automation;
2.Online automatic strap packing unit(optional);
3.Machinery speed: 100m/min,If with online strap unit, machinery speed 120m/min.


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