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PVC Plstic διέλαση γραμμή Φύλλο Παραγωγής

Λεπτομέρεια προϊόντος

Τεχνική παράμετρος:

Πλάτος φύλλου


φύλλο Πάχος


δυναμικότητα παντρεμένο

30-1000kg / h

prodction ταχύτητας

25m / min

Περιγραφή προϊόντος:
1. Screw with special mixing and plasticization function.
2. Coat hanger type die with two throttle design enable to regulate the sheet thickness accurately.
3. ±1℃ temperature control make the plasticizing process and sheet thickness control more accurate.
4. Horizontal, vertical or 45° incline type three rollers calenders may be lifted freely.
5. Sheet thickness shall be regulated by screw and pressing roller.
6. Separate roller temperature control system to control the temperature of pressing roller to gain even sheet thickness.
7. Exact slicing machine, board length and quantity.
8. Winder with big torque motor, and its speed and tension force adjustable.
9. Automatic metering to set the length of product.


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