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एकल दीवार नालीदार पाइप मशीनरी

वास्तु की बारीकी

तकनीकी मापदंड:

उत्पादन लाइन पाइप आकार 4-32mm 8-58mm
मोल्ड मात्रा 40,70,90 40,70,90
सहायक मेजबान SJ-45/30 एसजे-65/30
अधिकतम उत्पादन दर 40m / मिनट 40m / मिनट

उत्पाद वर्णन:
Single wall corrugated pipe can be widely used in golf courses, sports fields and other light loads such circumstances drainage, flooding; interior wire casing; automotive wire casing; prestressed cable casing; air conditioner drainage pipes. Double-wall corrugated pipe can be widely applied highways, slopes, golf courses and other heavy load conditions drainage, flooding; municipal sewage; communications, power supply cable casing and other occasions.
1.Close type corrugator and vacuum for forming
2.Forming module is moving in a tunnel
3.Forming tunnel is clod by water
4.Forming module is made of hard alloy steel and anti-corrosion and abrasion.
5.No any connection between forming module, the reduce time to change.
6.Provide single sand double wall corrugation pipe head die.


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