Huge Calibre Hollowness pipe production line

Product Detail


• High speed and high efficiency extrusion on the basis of high quality;

• Low cost and high profit;

• Purpose is create value for our customers.

Main machine:
Adopting two steps type decompression screw, with specially mixing and plasticization component, together with high twist torque and high temperature control accuracy make 90% of recovery material can be used in production.
Composite die
Adopting composite die, two extruders unite to provide material, helix turning forming, high efficiency compound technology ensures high product quality.
Science pipe wall design
Absorbing the technical essence of Europe and Korea, ensure high production efficiency and lower material using of the condition of same circle rigidity.
Electrical control
Advanced PLC computer control system, high precision temperature control module block whole color touch displaying screen to ensure convenient, stable and dependable operation.
Electrical control system:
Japan National FP2 series super large capacity PLC control system, imported inverter.
And digital D.C. speed regulator, man-machine interface dialogue to collect many digital dynamic picture, perform speed switch between linear and non-linear speed, having stable operation and high control precision. Long-distance data input, program revise, supervise, failure diagnose and remove can be made by connecting the Modern in terminal RS232 of this system.
• Perform the switch between linear speed and non-linear speed
• Automatic temperature control, pipe extruding, melting glue extruding, winding and forming, synchronous cutting and automatic following control;
• Pipe extruding machine, temperature control, charging and speed regulation supervise;
• Vacuum sizing water temperature watching;
• Temperature curve displaying warning;
• Melting glue extruder, temperature control, speed regulation, temperature curve displaying warning.


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