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PET Sheet (co-extrusion) Extrusion Line

उत्पादन विस्तार

प्राविधिक प्यारामिटर:

पाना चौडाइ


पाना मोटाई


Prodction गति

5-25m / मिनेट

उत्पादन विवरण:
1. Single screw or twin extrusion technology for choosing.
2. Process 100% recycled bottle flakes.
3. Co-extrusion technique os suitable for PET、PETG ,etc.
4. Metering pump ensures running and steay flow.
5. Melt filter with two pistons and cavities with air venting design.
6. Embedded PCor PLC is used for controlling.
7. Silicon coater,static eliminator on request.
8. winder with accumulation.


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