The annual rubber and plastic exhibition in Russia INTERPLASTICA is coming .28-31/January/2020

Let’s meet in Russia Expocentre center of exhibition on date. XINDACHENG booth :22E27.

The feature of XINDACHENG products :

High speed flat drip irrigation pipe production line 320m/min .

high speed round dripper irrigation pipe production line 120m/min.

Flat dripper mould and round dripper mould 32/64/128/256 cavities.

PET/PP strap production line 200-900kg/h.

krah pipe production line 300-4000mm.

Huge calibre pipe PE/PVC/PPR pipe production line 12-1600mm.

PET/PVC/PS/PE sheet production line . 

PE、PA、PP、PVC single wall corrugated pipe production line and so on.

welcoming everyone come to visit and talk over business honestly.


hot mail:

hot line: 86-532-83232898

Post time: Feb-29-2020
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