Advantage of Krah pipe

1. Excellent physical performance. HDPE have good rigidity, strength, and also good flexibility, creep resistance and abrasive resistance and it have long usage life.

 2. Good corrosion resistance. HDPE have resistance to corrosion by a variety of chemical media. It is especially suitable for the eastern coastal areas with high underground water level and high land humidity.

 3. The overall strength of pipe is high. Hot winding forming make sure of the quality of welded joint of structural pipe wall. In the structural design, the welding joint of the flat material belt is covered by the support pipe covered by the material belt, which improves the overall resistance to external pressure of the product. The horizontal layer and reinforced structure layer of the pipe are fused in the melting state, with high welding quality and no internal stress.

 4. Good ring flexibility and strong compression resistance. Different from rigid pipe under load, the mechanism of flexible pipe inner wall strength is small under the same external pressure load. Therefore, the plastic buried will not nee the same strength and stiffness as the rigid concrete pipe. It will completely able to achieve the required usage standard with in a reasonable stiffness.

5. Toughness, good flexibility. Krah pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe material, the elongation at break exceeds 500%. The ability to adapt to uneven settlement and dislocation of pipe foundation is very strong and it is of good earthquake resistance. Therefore, Krah pipe is suitable for seismic hazard area.

6. Large flow capacity, cost effective. The inner wall of the Krah pipe is smooth and has good liquidity. Under the condition of same diameter, same length and same pressure, the flow capacity of Krah pipe will be 30% large than that of the steel pipe, with obvious economic advantages. Compared with mental pipes, Krah pipe can reduce engineering investment by about a third.

 7. Excellent installation performance and good sealing. The pipe connection adopts the technology of embedded electric fuse of the same material at the socket. Which essentially guarantees the unity of the interface material, structure and the pipe body itself. It realizes the integration of the joint and the pipe material. The tensile strength and blasting strength of the interface are higher than that of the pipe body, which can effectively resist the circumferential stress and axial stress caused by internal pressure. Therefore, compared with rubber ring type joints or other mechanical joints, there is no risk of leakage caused by joint distortion, sealing performance is very good.

8. Good resistance to stress cracking. PE pipe has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent resistance to environmental stress.

9. Good impact resistance at low temperature. PE pipe low temperature embrittlement value is extremely low. Can be used safely in the range of -60 degrees celsius temperature.

10. Winding pipe material, high density polyethylene and polypropylene can be recycled 100%.


Post time: Dec-19-2018
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