Advantages of the drip irrigation pipe and introduction of the drip irrigation system

As a new agricultural water-saving technology, drip irrigation has been popular among the planting workers for many years.However, only the correct use of this technology and the use of appropriate drip irrigation pipes for different regions, the advantages brought by drip irrigation technology, such as increasing production and efficiency, improving quality,saving water and labor, maintaining soil structure, and controlling temperature and humidity, compared with the traditional irrigation, can be brought into full play.

Drip irrigation system consists of water source, header junction, conduit pipe and the water dropper.Compared with traditional irrigation, various water sources suitable for the agricultural irrigation can be used in the drip irrigation system.Water with low turbidity and less impurities can be used directly for the irrigation.If the turbidity is high, then sedimentation process is required to ensure the drip irrigation quality.

The header junction is an important part used to regulate and control the operation of the whole drip irrigation system, including water pump, motor, filter,chemical fertilizer tank,adjustment and etc., water flow through the control and filtration of the header junction into the conduit pipe. Generally,the conduit pipe consists of the main pipe, pipe branch and the capillary tube.The main pipe and pipe branch are made by rigid plastic conduit(PVC,PE) and the capillary tube is made by soft plastic tube(PE).Water flows gradually through the main pipe, pipe branch and the capillary tube to the water dropper.According to the different water dropper used in different drip irrigation pipe, the pressure water flow in the capillary tube is changer into drop shape or trickle shape for irrigation.

Commonly used water dropper such as labyrinth drip irrigation pipe, internal tape drip irrigation pipe.According to the soil, water quality, personnel, climate environment and the economic conditions in different areas to choose the appropriate water dropper for the drip irrigation.

Qingdao Xindacheng plastic machinery co., LTD., based on the summary of the drip irrigation technology for many years, studies the feedback of the actual use effect of our customers in different regions.In line with the people-oriented, sincere and long-term concept, it continuously develops and innovates to customize the drip irrigation pipe production line suitable for each customer in its regional market.Keeping pace with the times, keeping up with the trend of the drip irrigation products in the market, we care about the immediate of every customer, which is the consistent pursuit of Qingdao Xindacheng company for many years.We sincerely invite you to achieve win-win situation and create wealth in the changeable market trend.

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Post time: Nov-28-2018
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