Congratulations on the smooth arrival of Qingdao XinDaCheng co. Internal flat drip irrigation pipe production line ordered by Liaoning customer

At the beginning of December, the 300m/min internal flat drip irrigation pipe production line ordered by our customer in Liaoning province of China, passed through hundreds of mails sea and land transportation, finally arrived at the customer’s factory in Shenyang city.At the same time, our Commissioning engineer has been ready at the customer’s factory to start the installation and operation of this production line, answer the technical questions to make sure that this production line can be fast and safely put the pipe into production.

Our company’s main production line, Zeanon internal flat drip irrigation pipe production line has several Chinese invention patents and certificates, and internationally recognized quality certificates. For the cooperation with the Liaoning customer this time, our company Zeanon production line once again into the drip irrigation market in Liaoning. High quality assurance and good service, so that our production lines not only in the Chinese market by the customer’s favor, but also can be exported to the foreign countries, by the international market customer recognition.

Sophisticated mechanical technology, with the excellent and reasonable production line operation technology, so the products from our production line can have good quality and widely praised for many years.We firmly believe that good feedback from the market customers is the best proofs of our quality products and we sincerely invite the people with foresight to create wealth, achieve a win-win situation.

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Post time: Dec-05-2018
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