Dripper mould

In recent years, our company has also expanded the production of molds while mainly selling the drip irrigation pipe production line and straps production line, we mainly engaged in the production of drip moulds and fittings moulds, the dripper mould includes flat and rounder dripper moulds:

Flat dripper mould: 32 cavity, 64 cavity, 128 cavity, dripper flow rate 0.6-8L;

Rounder dripper mould: 16 cavities, 24 cavities, 32 cavities, 64 cavities, all molds can be customized.

The advanced equipment imported from Japan and Europe guarantees the high precision and high efficiency of the mould. The mould can produce high quality dripper, and the price is affordable. It would be a great choice for the friends who will or have already purchased our production line to buy our dripper mould.


Post time: Dec-13-2018
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