How to compare the quality of the plastic drip mould

The most important thing to the customers who want to buy the plastic drip mould from the internet, is how to compare the quality of the plastic drip mould. Especially the online transactions to the foreign customers. Because the drip mould is customized, after the customer determines to require the mould, the samples or the drawing of the drip mould shall be provided to the manufacture, and then the manufacture processes and produces the drip mould needed by the customer.

The quality of the plastic drip mould in addition to the drip mould itself, but also the quality of droppers which the drip mould processing out.Generally, there are three aspects to evaluate the quality of the drip mould:

1.The appearance quality, including the integrity, color and luster of the drip mould.

2.Dimensional accuracy and position accuracy of the drip mould.

3.The functional properties, such as mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, etc.

If any of the above three aspects have problem, the droppers produced by the drip mould will have defects.

Qingdao xindacheng plastic machinery co.,LTD. which adopts advanced European technology, using the DIN2311 mould steel produced by AssAB as raw material to manufacture plastic drip mould. Therefore, we are full of confidence in our drip mould and droppers, adhere to “Human-oriented, to win by innovation, to reach far distance by good credit”. We welcome foreign friends to our company and achieve good cooperative relationship.


Post time: Dec-18-2018
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