The selection of the high quality dripper can be more drip irrigation pipe customers favor

As we know, drip irrigation technology as a new way of the agricultural water-saving, and the drip irrigation pipe no matter the farmers in China or abroad is favored.Especially in some water-poor areas, these drip irrigation pipes save a lot of the planting cost about water, and many countries recommend that farmers choose the drip irrigation pipe for irrigation as well.

 With the continuous expansion of the market demand for the drip irrigation pipes, the plastic factories in China or aboard have joined the production of the drip irrigation pipes. But, a drip irrigation pipe production line not only needs to be able to extrude high-quality pipes, also needs to be equipped with the corresponding drippers.In this way, the drip irrigation pipe can be produced with high quality and high technology, and they will be favored by the customers from the drip irrigation pipe market, bring more orders to the factory.Importantly, the selection of the high quality dripper  often determines the quality position of the drip irrigation pipe in the market, for a high quality dripper is incomparable to other substandard drippers in terms of the water-saving and plugging resistance.

However, some factories in China or aboard, only take into account the short-time interests, in order to save costs and only pay attention to the quality of the pipe production, ignoring the selection of high-quality dripper.To be sure, such products have good quality in appearance and can be sold at a good price.But if they choose the dripper which the technology is not up to the standard, the pipes will be found serious problems in the process of the actual use by the customers, such as poor water-saving performance, terrible congestion, and then will be eliminated from the market.

 Our company XinDaCheng plastic machinery co. LTD, through many years of the market analysis, to understand the degree of the product demand from different customers.Combined with years of continuous exploration and research by our technical staff, we finally developed a high-quality dripper, the double holes double flow dripper,which has high blocking resistance, high water-saving effect, and the ability to control the flow rate from different directions of the two drip holes, was awarded the National Utility Model Patent Certificate of China in 2012.Our new dripper  technology is widely recognized by the cooperative client in China or aboard, and it’s also a good choice for the drip irrigation pipe factories with excellent quality to improve their product quality position and meet the customers’ needs.

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Post time: Nov-30-2018
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