What factors may guide the decision to select a PET strap production line

What factors may guide the decision to select a PET strap production line

1. Production capacity: There are capacity 150kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h ext standard output capacity of the production line for optional. Customization also available for different output capacity. Buyer can choose according to their sales volume.

2. Production line running stability. Running stability refer to the probability of the production line can running normally under the production conditions specified by the equipment manufacturer. Good running stability make for normal production. Xindacheng strap production line adopt good material and famous brand electronic components, of mature manufacturer and advanced technology. Thus the production line is of good stability.

3. Energy saving. Xindacheng production line thermal oven adopt good quality thermal insulation layer. Meanwhile the airflow direction is parallel to the straps. In this way, the production line is of high utilization efficiency. Energy saving also means the high utilization efficiency of raw materials. Xindacheng PET strap production line can use 100% recycled material and it is of high value added.

4. Product quality. Xindacheng PET strap production line produced straps is of less edge camber and winding tightly. It can be used on full-auto package machine. Production width tolerance range ±0.45mm, thickness tolerance range ±0.05mm. That standard is higher than national standard.

5. Easy for operation. Whole production line controlled by PLC. You can produce different specification of straps by change the parameters. Whole production needing 3-4 operators and only minimal training is required.

6. After-sales service. Xindacheng own perfect after service. Oversea after sales service available. Engineer will guide for the site installation, trial running and training. Once breakdown occur, the engineer who have more than 20 years experience in this field will come to the site for fixing. He can well handle problems that may happen.

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Post time: Nov-24-2018
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