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Aiming at green environmental protection, PET packing belt production technology is leading PET packing belt, beautiful, environmental protection, light intensity and the strip, but light weight, low cost, using recycled PET bottle flakes, conform to the world economic trend, green environmental protection technology for the production of the packing tape has two levels, one is used for manual packaging, metal clip is fixed, the other is a automatic packing machine, the friction heat bonding, XINDACHENG company has automatic packer using grade PET packing belt production technology, thought that this kind of strict technical requirements for products, the production line production accuracy requirement is very high, therefore, the company has been leading the domestic PET packing belt production industry.


Water – saving irrigation, drip irrigation pipe technology continued to update As agricultural water-saving irrigation, drip irrigation technology, more and more get the attention of new farmers and the farm economy, drop head embedded in the drip irrigation pipe production technology is currently the dominant direction of drip irrigation pipe production, the cylindrical type, flat type, belt so on Mosaic drip drip irrigation pipe production technology of the head can be found in XINDACHENG, recently cylindrical type drip drip irrigation pipe production technology is a XINDACHENG are further updates, the production speed will reach 30meters per minute, compete with the international most advanced production technology.

drip irrigation pipe production line

Post time: Nov-16-2018
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