PE carbon Spiral pipe production line

Product Detail

Technical parameter:

Extruder SJ-90/30B SJ-65/30B
Die φ75-200 φ50-150
Size water trough SGZL-200 SGZL-150
Hauling SLQ-200 SLQ-150
Winder SQ-200 SQ-150

Product description:
Single screw extruders especially used for polyolefine material possess effective plasticizing effect and high extrusion speed.
The special detachment type mixing screw and the standard designed die with spiral structure & reasonable channel are applicable to produce with smooth inside and outside face.
Unique sizing and cooling mode is capable of producing pipe scopeΦ50-Φ200mm, production speed is up to 0.6-1.5M/min.
All kind of polyolefine material, multi-layers spiral strengthening pipe can be co-extruded for various uses, 80% of recycle material can be used in production;
Optimum spiral copper sizing sleeve, its entrance carrying pre-cooling and powerful vacuum device to suit for high speed extruding pipe.
Specific design for spray cooling trough.
Cooling water trough is made of stainless steel
High efficient cooling comes from peculiar spraying nozzle and high efficiency water pump.
Three-dimensional regulation, longitudinal move by motor.
Advanced co-extrusion technology and low cost to use recovery material.


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