Krah pipe production line

krah pipe production line, Also known as the Large Caliber PE Winding Structural Wall Pipe Production Line.

Product Detail


Technical parameter:

Model Pipe(mm) Speed(m/min) Total Power(KW)
XDC/KRPE-2000 φ200-φ2000 0.35 320
XDC/KRPE-3000 Φ300-φ3000 0.30 460
XDC/KRPE-4000 Φ1500-φ4000 0.15 660

Product description:
The unit is commonly known as krah pipe in China, and it takes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins as main material by hot winding molding process. It is winding structural wall pipe B with strong anti-pressure capability, and supported by polypropylene (PP) single wall corrugation pipe. The pipe has smooth surfaces inside and circular reinforced structure outside, and it also has high circular rigidity, strong impact resistance and melting sealing joint. It belongs to flexible pipe.
1. Reduce melt pressure and energy consumption.
2. The extruder platform car and winding platform adopt the precise line guide, three-dimensional movement and using servo motor control.
3. Patented technology for four extruders co-extrusion technology.
4. Choose different assignments according to raw material property and color, etc.
5. Improve the pipe strength
6. Cut down the cost
Application Field:
1. Underground drainage, sewage, aeration and others in municipal construction areas;
2. Drainage for railway, highway, court and others in road engineering areas;
3. Nuclear power plants, steel mills, power plants, petrochemical plants, docks, stations;
4. Tidal flat, saline pool, riverbed, soft foundation expansive soil, earthquake zone and others in adverse environmental areas.

krah tube mould / krah pipe mold:

krah pipe production line 2

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