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PVC garis produksi pipe

jéntré produk

 Technical parameter:

Model, Paramter SJGF-160 SJGF-250 SJGF-400 SJGF-630
Extuder SJZ60 SJZ65 SJZ80 SJZ92
rentang diaméterna (mm) φ63-φ160 φ110-φ250 φ200-φ400 φ315-φ710
Haul-off Speed ​​(m / mnt) 0.8-10 0.5-5 0.3-4 0.2-3
Total Daya (kW) 89 95 135 255
Total Length(mm) 20000 20500 28000 30000

Panjelasan Produk:
• Mainly used to produce U-PVC, C-PVC Huge Calibre Pipe for Supply an Drain Water.
• Composed of double screw extruder, pipe die, vacuum sizing device, multi-pedrails hauling machine, cutting machine and stacker;
• Choose conical or parallel double screw extruder according to different demands.


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